No, I am not trying to be sarcastic or insensitive. These are just some of the things I have heard whenever this subject comes up. Watering always seems to be a topic of great concern. And rightly so. Without it, we would all perish rather quickly (including our scaly little friends).

What is the best water delivery method for your chameleon? This is a rather tricky question since there seems to be some disagreement on the ‘absolute best way’ to keep your chameleon properly hydrated. Rather than face the wrath of hordes of very knowledgeable chameleon keepers and breeders, I will simply lay out a few methods for you, and leave you to your decision. My best advice is try a few methods and combinations of methods until you are satisfied with the results.

Please remember that whatever technique you decide on, it is imperative to observe proper sanitary conditions. You must make sure to clean out and disinfect any water receptacles on a regular basis, as well as occasionally change any rubber tubing or lines in your water system. Bacteria can build up quite quickly and make you chameleon pretty ill.

Also, keep in mind that while water is a good thing, too much can bring you new problems. Make sure that there is not too much excess moisture in the bottom of the enclosure for any extended periods of time.

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