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Chameleons are insectivorous and will do quite well with insects that you should be able to purchase from local pet stores. Most people feed their chameleons a regular diet of crickets, which can usually be bought from wherever you purchased your chameleon in varied sizes. However, if you live in an area where you cannot get insects regularly, they can be ordered online or by telephone and delivered to you in bulk.

It is good practice to try and feed your chameleon a varied diet of different types of insects. Some of the more common insects you should try and feed your chameleon are crickets, wax worms, meal worms, super worms, fruit flies (for younger chameleons), flies, moths, and grasshoppers. Be careful how many larger winged insects (such as moths) you feed your reptile as the wings can be difficult to digest, and this could lead to bigger problems. Also, be cautious with wild caught insects. Make sure they haven’t been subjected to any types of pesticides since these would then be passed on to your chameleon an cause significant harm to it.

Make sure not to feed your chameleon insects that are too large for it. It should not have to gag the insect down. If you see that your chameleon is doing this, try using smaller feeder insects in order to prevent choking.

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