Importance of Reptiles in Ecosystem

Reptiles play an important role in the balance of an Ecosystem. In most ecosystems, reptiles are the vital part of food chains and they play a huge role both as the prey species and the predators in ecosystems.

They also play the role of a pollinator. Many serious agricultural pests were eliminated by the reptiles.  Here are some of the major roles of reptiles in ecosystems.

Pest Control

Many insects and rodents which damage the agricultural fields on a bigger scale are controlled by the use of reptiles. Many reptiles prevent the spreading network of rodents which carry dreadful diseases. For instance, Indian Cobra Snake is one of the carrier preventers of rodents in urban centers. So, the population of pests stops increasing with the impact of reptiles.

Fish Control

In the wet lands, the presence of crocodiles prevents the population increase of fish species. To keep the aquatic ecosystem balanced and super healthy, the availability of reptiles is a huge support in controlling fish over-growth in coastal regions. The balance of fish population is mandatory for the survival of a well-balanced ecosystem.

Dead Animals and Food Chain Balance

The dead animals are eaten by reptiles so they not only clear the environment but also maintain the balance in the food chain. For the other creatures to live comfortably, the clean healthy environment is substantial. Komodo dragon is one of the examples of those reptiles which help in the clearing of the environment by eating the dead animals. So, an indolent lifestyle is the common feature of many reptiles.

Prey Items

Reptiles are the source of food for other creatures more often. From the boas of small lizards, the birds of prey trying to eat everything. Turtles are the entertaining prey of many fierce animals.

Humans and Reptiles Interactions

Humans have hunted the reptiles for the food and survival since history. There are many types of proteins that are only be gained from the reptiles. So, they often serve as a luxury food in famous restaurants. Reptiles could be poisonous such as snakes and their sting or a bite could kill a human. Humans use the poison of snakes for the medical purposes.

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