About Me

I can say that you love reptiles! I am Josh and I love animals. I love sharing information about them especially chameleons. Chameleons and reptiles can be a good friend of humans but most of the people are unaware of this fact.

I’ve many friends who carry their reptile pets with them and I also own one. I love to find information about the different states of Chameleons and reptiles because I want to take good care of my lovely pet.

Reptiles are good for the ecosystem as well. They provide us a better way for pest control. Reptiles like eating the dead animals and they play an important role in balancing the food chain.

In this blog, we’ll share information about different kinds of chameleons and reptiles and we’ll also tell you about how can you take good care of reptiles if you have one.

If you love my blog, feel free to share it or email me at josh@chameleonsonline.com